AROTEC Diagnostics Limited

Founded by Neil and Doris Cook, AROTEC has been producing and delivering the highest quality, critical components to the autoimmune diagnostic industry since our incorporation in 1996. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, AROTEC Diagnostics has grown over the years to become a valued and trusted supplier of premium reagents to both IVD companies, research and academic groups.

AROTEC is a practical, hands-on scientific company with over 75% of our staff coming from a biochemistry or biotechnology background. We are purification experts with years of experience, which has allowed us to master complex purification processes and produce premium diagnostic reagents from analytical to bulk scale. Carrying out continuous in-process analysis using an array of analytical proteomic techniques, we can maintain tight process control resulting in less lot-to-lot variability and a final product that conforms  to our product specifications batch after batch.

We believe that there is no compromising when it comes to quality. To purify quality reagents it is necessary to start with quality raw materials; autoantigens purified from animal tissue are from animals of exclusively New Zealand origin, the premium source material. Human blood fractions are obtained from certified blood centres with complete donor traceability and serology. Our commitment to quality is no more evident than in our range of purified autoantigen reagents, which display the following outstanding characteristics:

Purity – our autoantigens are highly pure (minimum specification >90% pure but often approaching >99% pure). We achieve this through meticulous “polishing” of the final product using high-resolution chromatographic techniques. This results in the virtual absence of contaminating substances thereby ensuring that assays developed using our autoantigens have very low background.

Activity – our autoantigens are highly active and can be used to detect autoantibodies in ELISA even when coated at low concentrations (typically 10-100 ng/well is sufficient).

Specificity - active immunoadsorption procedures where necessary followed by rigorous quality control ensures that our autoantigens are free of other autoantigens that might lead to false positive results.

Reproducibility – lot-to-lot consistency is our strength. New lots are rigorously tested and compared to internal gold-standard lots to ensure they conform to specifications.

Volume – we can produce autoantigen lots from analytical (a few milligrams) to bulk (approaching grams) amounts. Large lots eliminate the need for customers to continuously qualify new lots during production. Autoantigen lots can be reserved for established customers.

Stability – our autoantigens exhibit outstanding stability characteristics and show no significant loss of activity over several years when stored appropriately.

Availability – except under exceptional circumstances we maintain high inventory levels of our complete product range thereby ensuring punctual delivery.

Value – excellent quality doesn’t mean that a product is unaffordable! We will make every effort to supply to you at competitive prices.