eNZoil New Zealand Ltd

eNZoil operate a state of the art manufacturing plant, laboratory and bulk installation.

We operate a state of the art and RMA/ Environmentally compliant manufacturing plant, laboratory and bulk installation at Seaview, Wellington. The plant operates with a Resource Consent as provided for under the Resource Management Act 1994.

We are suppliers of a full range of high quality Transformer Oils tailored to meet individual requirements for new and refurbished, power and distribution transformers, switch gear and circuit breakers.

We sell the full range of transformer oils from BS148 to IEC 60296, uninhibited or inhibited and those meeting the latest corrosive sulphur testing.

We provide full TFO diagnosis and Q.A. testing, by fully qualified and experienced chemists, on our own oils and customer’s samples. We can test samples of your oil and give a prediction of it’s, and the transformer’s likely life.

We can assist you to establish a routine maintenance testing regime to enable maximisation of your oil and transformers.

Our regenerated oils are manufactured, using leading edge proprietary technology which results in new oil quality and zero waste, thereby enhancing environmental compliance through eradicating waste oil and filter material disposal in landfills.

We collect Used Transformer Oil (UTO) free of charge for reprocessing to enable you to meet the requirements of the Ministry of the Environment and ISO 14001 which cover the handling, transportation and disposal of used oil.

We import naphthenic base oils from overseas refineries for our new oil blends.

Our staff have, between them, over seventy five years experience in the Transformer Oil industry and are very ready and able to assist you to gain the most effective performance from your transformers.

In our two years of operation, we have built a strong customer base which includes Transformer Builders, Transmission Companies, Line’s Companies, Generator Companies, Utilities and their contractors.