Giggle Entertainment

At Giggle we believe there is too much bad news in the world and businesses pay too much for marketing. To remedy we install screens in areas of wait such as cafes, gyms, food outlets etc. The screen plays a silent loop of G-rated humorous content, interspersed with commercial messages for local businesses.

92 Gracefield Road, Gracefield, Lower Hutt

It takes time to build your brand and repetition is key. Your brand must be front     of mind at all times. To help you do this we deliver an eye catching     message over and over again, every day of every week of every month.

The best marketing does not feel like marketing and that’s how Giggle has built its success. Giggle is a leader in the trending world of out of home media. We provide addictive entertainment to a captured audience and we use this platform to deliver your brand message.


It is that addictive content balanced with concise brand messages which makes people smile and keeps them glued to the screens waiting to see what’s next.Best of all it’s about reaching more people for less cost which makes it affordable for anyone needing to get a message across from small to medium and large enterprise.


We have a great team of Gigglers who will create effective campaigns for your business which will play repetitively every day across all screens in your area.