Robinson Seismic Ltd

E Block, Callagahan Innovation, 69 Gracefield Road, Gracefield, Lower Hutt

Robinson Seismic Ltd has been in business for 18 years designing, supplying and manufacturing seismic isolation systems and devices for structures.  We work overseas and within NZ. Notable projects are Wellingtn Hospital, The Supreme Court, Te Papa locally. Overseas projects consist of hospitals in Turkey and India and private apartment buildings in Taiwan, Iran & Turkey to name a few. Robinson Seismic was founded by Bill Robinson who is the inventor of the Lead Rubber Bearing used worldwide for the seismic protection of around 8000 structures and their contents. Seismic isolation means that the structure will remain operational after a large seismic event. This is why it is an excellent option for critical buildings and structures. Also provides significant peace of mind for building owners that they will not have to demolish their building and face a rebuild after a large earthquake. Of course the contents and lives of the people within the building are also protected.