Norman Bulloch Ltd

Norman Bulloch Limited is a professional sheet metal and general engineering company

The company was establish in 1947 by Norman Bulloch who was a gunsmith locksmith by trade. Noel and his wife Alison took over the business in 1976 and Noel is assisted by his brother Denis and Noel's son Craig.  This is a business that has spanned three generations of one family.  The business had its origins in Wainui Road alongside what was the Griffins Factory.  In 1978 it moved to its current location in Gough Street, Seaview. With a total of 9 staff encompassing a range of trades and expertise from guillotine operators, fitters and turners and with Noel and Denis's experience as tool makers there is little to do with metal that this company cannot and has not done.  Basically if it's made with metal they can produce it.  They provide an unrivalled service for engineers, architects, builders and craftsmen.  They specialise in production runs using a variety of sheet metal folders and guillotines, milling machines and lathes.  They also have an extensive spray painting booth for finishing touches.  Despite doing this large scale work if asked to make a one off product for a private customer they will jump at the chance. The business has a wide regional client base some of whom have been customers for more than 50 years.  That says something about the quality and the workmanship of this versatile business. The range of products produced is huge from Council park seats for the Kapiti Council, gas meter covers for the Natural Gas Corporation to items as small as anodised key tags.