September 19, 2018

Seaview business group comes of age

The organisation set up as a collective voice for the Wellington region’s largest industrial zone has a change of name. The Seaview Working Group is now the Seaview Business Association, an identity that reflects and acknowledges the goals achieved by the membership since formation in 2010.

The Seaview Working Group began as small group of business owners concerned about environmental issues around Seaview. They also saw a need to spread the word about Seaview’s importance to the region, which led to the popular ‘Spotlight on Seaview’ open days.  Strong support for the group proved a local need has clearly been met. And with real progress made in the tasks the members set themselves, the time has come for a permanent, more inclusive body to represent the Seaview business community.
Association member Bruce Whiley of Titan Cranes Ltd. says,

“As a name, Seaview Business Association is more fitting for an organisation that now has so many people involved who are keen to make changes for the better. There’s a real will in Seaview to progress both the area itself and the businesses that operate here.”
Since inception the group has been actively involved in initiatives concerning the Seaview/Gracefield area. These include flood protection talks and regular networking events for local enterprises. The group has also played an important role linking the area’s business owners with local government, schools and the general public, and supporting and encouraging participation in such events as the Hutt STEMM Festival.

The association plans to continue to expand its scope under the new banner Seaview Business Association.